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Economical turnover - electric drive

Two arguments:

- 75% Energysavings against units with diesel drive

- 35% Energysavings against electric cranes


The balance technology enables highest economical savings at energy consumption and manintenance costs ( Maintenance, Service and Repair).

The technology of the classic lever principal guarantees the balance of the crane arm system. This will be realized by a movable conter weight, which is mounted paralell to the arm driven by a incentive bar. In this case the whole arm system will be in balance. Based on this technique, only the energy for moving the goods is needed. This is valid in all used situations, as well as on the scrapyard as on waste sorting.

The balance crane is mounted on a bsaement, called semi mobile. So this unit can work without being fiexed on the ground.

Beispiel für verschiedene Typen

Balance-Kran LGX

Balance-Kran OBX V

Balance-Kran OBX V

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