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Rotor Debarkers

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Rotor Debarkers

Rotor Debarkers

Built for accuracy and long life

  • Longer tool service times
  • More accurate wood measuring
  • Better visual assessment of the wood sections
  • Pre-drying of the round wood

Rotor debarkers have a longer lifetime and improve the measuring accuracy of round wood, provide better optical evaluation of the sections, and enable pre-drying of the round wood. Rotor debarkers from Baljer & Zembrod are specially designed for mid-sized saw mills. The rotor opens to 90 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm. Our rotor debarkers are suitable for stronger round wood. It enables alterations of the knife pressure while working. The knife pressure can be altered while the rotor is running.

Also available with the Variopress system


  • Pressure adjustment of the blade during operation

It enables changes to the knife pressure, even while the rotor is running. The operator can alter the knife pressure hydraulically while debarking. The knives can be opened and closed during operation. This variability enables a flexible handling regarding the bark and the thickness of the bark.

Rotary debarkers ZE 905 (90 cm) and ZE 1105 (110 cm) are available with Variopress.


ZE 1105

ZE 903

ZE 905


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