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Special Mechanical Engineering

More than production...
Special Mechanical Engineering

Special Mechanical Engineering

If it doesn't work, it doesn't exist - no matter in which industry!

We take a highly practical approach to special engineering assignments. Whether for the wood and recycling industry, or any industry interested in longer running times, higher performance, and lower operating cost, we develop products that deliver real customer benefits. To do it, we have to know the needs of everyone involved. This can only happen by listening. We’ve found that our customers are often the best idea generators, because they work with our machines and systems on a daily basis. Similarly, new customers know the problems they face better than anyone else because they live with them every day.

Suggestions and requests are priceless to us. For example, we delivered a sorting carriage with a grapple saw to a dam on the Isar River, enabling personnel to “fish” drifting trees with roots and branches out of the water and cut them into small pieces. 

In 2019, an electric-powered transferral carriage for a plant producing "Kaolin" was delivered with a 20-metre arm system.



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